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111: “3024000” by Ephraim Wegner

Ephraim Wegner

One piece of music was transferred to the pin roller of a music box and used as a starting point for the composition of 3024000. An audio recording of the box is divided in three parts of equal duration (A, B, C) correlated by simple overlapping.

The position of the playback moves through 4 seconds of material in 45 minutes. For every played-back position, linear grains are generated, with a duration of 12,5 msec: 320 grains per second for part A, 160 grains/sec for part B and 640 grains/sec for part C. In addition, the pitches of the three parts are changed depending on the basic material.

Minimum differences in tone pitch or divergences in the phase of the basic material can lead to clearly audible interferences. Bigger sound intervals form chordal structures and the density of partial tones originated by initial impulse cause tonal inharmoniousness.

3024000 is a musical journey through a brief theme that is magnified 765 times, layered and mingled into a completely new work.

Download file 45'00", 108,1MB

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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