Crónica 079~2013


Pure No End of Vinyl

  • Compiled and produced by Pure and Miguel Carvalhais.
  • Mastered by Rashad at Clunk.
  • Cover by MC.

10 reinterpretations after the.end.of.vinyl or the end of the world:

  1. @c: zweiundneunzig (für Pure)
  2. Christoph de Babalon: The End Of Vinyl (Christoph de Babalon Remix)
  3. JSX [Jorge Sánchez-Chiong]: Biological Agents of Vinyl Degradation
  4. Cindytalk: Miyamizu
  5. Goner: The End of Vinyl (Goner’s Morbid Rave Refix)
  6. Pita: This & That Edit
  7. rashad becker: take me to your lead out
  8. Arturas Bumšteinas: Opera Povera
  9. Opcion: “end”end”
  10. Current 909 vs. Pure: Never Ending Vinyl


No End of Vinyl

Fourteen years after the original release of “the.end.of.vinyl”, Pure’s first digital-only release, ten artists gather in its evocation, reinterpreting Pure’s compositions and infusing them with their own reflections on digital musics and the future of its media.

“the.end.of.vinyl” was one of the early releases on Mego, the Vienna-based label that in the end of the millennium showed us what the music of the future could be. In 1999 its title resonated with post-analog angst, recalling the transformation (maybe even the demise) of the music market and of the cultures that it had helped to breed. It announced and perhaps confirmed an end that is still latent.

“No End of Vinyl” started to be conceived as a set of discs that would fix onto vinyl the (mostly) digital compositions. Somewhere along the process, a dissonance between the nature of the pieces and that of the format started to become clear and a decision was made to revert to the “old” format of the Compact Disc. In a moment when analog formats seem to be going through a stage of resurgence or a final surge of vitality, we arrived at an album about the endings of a medium, released in what once was thought to be its successor and that has been coming to its own apparent extinction much sooner than vinyl has.

No End of Vinyl

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Composed in Porto by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais using sounds sourced from Pure's work and recordings of vinyl, shellac and wax cylinders.


Composed by Martin Maischein. In my remix I tried to show the ambivalence of the artists past and present work while disregarding most of the elements in the actual piece. Future grandchildren of forgotten rave-parents will hate me for it.


Opera Povera was created in 2011 using music of Peter Votava as a constant inspiration since 2003. No samples, only impressions. All instruments and electronics played, recorded and edited by Arturas Bumsteinas.


"end"end" relates to the concept standing behind the original work and deals once again with vinyl run-out grooves. The focus in "end"end" lies on the rhythmic structure of turning vinyls since each sonic event is triggered by the noise of several newly recorded endless grooves. All sounds were generated from the original material and are arranged as multi-layered textures matching the 33RPM cycles.

Nikolaos Zachariadis is a multidisciplinary artist from Graz, Austria. Graduated in architecture at the Technical University of Graz. Former member of SPLITTERWERK, an Austrian label for fine arts. Active in the areas of architecture, sound, video, and photography.

Started 1995 as a DJ and producer of dark, atmospheric and experimental electronic music under various monikers. 1997 first vinyl release "Farkhülse Fist" under the synonym AB-HINC on Widerstand Records. Since 2011 contributions to various remix releases under the synonym OPCION. Current member of the Interpenetration DJ Team. DJ sets and live acts at selected festivals, events, and concerts, such as Elevate Festival, Interpenetration Festival, Steirischer Herbst, Rrrr and Sakra.

Exhibitions, video screenings and presentations in Venezia, Firenze, Lisboa, Skopje, São Paulo, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Wien, Klagenfurt and Graz. Held lessons and workshops at the University of Arts Linz, FH-JOANNEUM Graz, Technical University of Graz and other educational institutions.