Crónica 077~2013


@c Half-Life, Still Life

  1. 82 (29:04)
  2. 83e (13:08)
  3. 84 (35:44)

Composed, recorded and mastered by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela in Ljubljana, Porto and Furnas, from 2009 to 2012 with collaborations by Gustavo Costa (percussion in 82 and 84), Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (percussion in 84), and Neja Tomšič (voice in 82).

Cover photo: Golden Skull by Júlio Dolbeth, photographed by Colönia.

Unlimited Release

Half-Life, Still Life

“82” was initially composed in Ljubljana during a residency promoted by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art. It was premiered in the Sonica:Post festival at the Galerija Jacopič on 25 June 2009 and further developed until 2011. The stereo version included in this release was created from a 4-channel original.

“83” was commissioned by Marcus Gammel, composed from the Ljubljana sessions and premiered on Deutschlandradio Kultur, Hörspiel/Klangkunst in late 2009.

“84” was premiered at Gear (Covilhã) and developed over performances at Museu de Serralves (Porto), Sonicscope (Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa), Next Festival (A4, Bratislava), Electric Spring (University of Huddersfield) and Sonores (Fábrica ASA, Guimarães) from 2010 to 2012. The stereo version included in this release was created from a 4-channel original.

Half-Life, Still Life


@c would like to thank: Ana Ferreira, Cristina Grande, Daniel Tóth, Drumming, Evelyn Rigova, Gustavo Costa, Colönia’s Joana Machado & João Cruz, João Dias, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, José Fonseca, Júlio Dolbeth, Lia, Marc Behrens, Marcus Gammel, Martin Bricelj, Miquel Bernat, Monty Adkins, Neja Tomšič, Nuno Aragão, Nuno Aroso, Nuno Moita, Paulo Vinhas, Pedro Almeida, Pedro Rocha, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Rosi Avelar, Rudolfo Quintas, Slávo Krekovič.

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