Crónica 048~2010


Mathias Delplanque Passeports

  • Written & produced by Mathias Delplanque.
  • Cover art by Steve Roden.
  • Master and design by M. Carvalhais.
  1. Passeport 1 (Nantes)
  2. Passeport 2 (Lille)
  3. Passeport 3 (Dieppe)
  4. Passeport 4 (Nantes)
  5. Passeport 5 (Lille)
  6. Passeport 6 (Nantes)
  7. Passeport 7 (Nantes)

Bruit Clair 03


“Passeports” is composed from various field-recordings realized in transport-related locations across France: train stations, harbors, parking lots and other areas of transit, weaved into dense ambient compositions. "Passeport 3 (Dieppe)" further includes recordings made in a call center in New Delhi, not a place of physical travel but, while operating mostly to Europe and the USA, nevertheless a place of transport. These recordings were the whole of the raw material used in the composition of this album, and were then themselves transported to Mathias's home, where they were played back into the spaces of the various rooms, so that the mix between the broadcast sounds and domestic noises would itself be recorded to become the final version of the tracks, something that is particularly clear in "Passeport 7 (Nantes)", the track that concludes the CD. “Passeports” is a work that questions the relations between space and music, between the sound and its space, between the music and its place.