Crónica 047~2009

5 inch vinyl

Janek Schaefer / Stephan Mathieu Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard) / Girl 50 numbered & unique cuts.

  • Cut by Frank at The Carvery, London.
  • Cover art by Arménio Martins.
  1. Janek Schaefer: Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard)
  2. Stephan Mathieu: Girl

Limited Release

5 inch vinyl

Crónica is very proud to present its forty-seventh release, a very special split 5" vinyl by Janek Schaefer and Stephan Mathieu in a limited lathed edition of 50 numbered cuts. All of the discs in this release are unique originals, with different audio content, packaged in 50 original covers.

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5 inch vinyl

Janek Schaefer: Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard)

“Inner Space Memorial [for JG Ballard]” is a music & sculpture series in memory of the novelist JG Ballard (1930–2009). He lived a mile from my studio in the far west fringes of Greater London. His life was astonishing. His central treatise was 'inner space' [as opposed to outer space]. The novel Concrete Island inspired my early project The Memory Museum. He died in April 2009 while I was reading his autobiography. I was preparing to go and say hello. He was a full time father and reading his daughter's Eulogy is inspirational. I have been moved to produce a multiple of works in memory of his legacy. This 5" vinyl is the first release which takes the 20 minute composition and cuts random 2 minute slices of sound from the master track. Fifty little slices of inner space. Janek winter 2009. For more information please visit

Stephan Mathieu: Girl

Girl is an excerpt from an audio file of 11 hours duration, a string of slowly changing data rattle. This file is generated from a screenshot taken from the classic Arcade jump-and-run game Donkey Kong. The girl is Princess Pauline, my piece is a tribute to the beauty of data. Stephan, Roma 24.11.09